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At Citiscope, we take pride in delivering top-tier phlebotomy services that prioritize accuracy, patient comfort, and efficiency. Our team of highly skilled phlebotomists is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for both patients and healthcare providers. With years of experience in the field, we are committed to delivering excellence in every blood draw.

We specialize in precise blood collection through our well-trained and certified phlebotomists. Our on-site services ensure convenience, especially for those with mobility challenges, offering a comfortable experience at home, nursing facilities, or workplaces. Collaborating closely with medical facilities and providers, we streamline blood collection for quicker diagnoses and efficient patient care. Our efficient blood collection plays a crucial role in delivering timely results for medical diagnostics. With a caring approach, we prioritize patient comfort during the process. Accurate documentation is a cornerstone, as our team ensures meticulous labeling and documentation to uphold testing integrity.

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Routine Draws

Critical Timed Sensitive Draws

Fasting Required Tests

Timed Antibiotic Testing

Cancer Screening

Thyroid Testing

Cholesterol Testing

Glucose Level Testing

Medication Level Testing

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Specimen Pickup and Delivery Services

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